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What we can process


We produce the pre formed drywall shapes according to your needs!
Sketch the shape you need on our order form and we produce for you individually.


The standard material for pre formed drywall shapes: plasterboard or impregnated plasterboard. We can mill boards up to 20 mm and cut up to 50 mm of thickness.


For ankles with longer legs we recommend the use of fire protection plasterboard. The fibre enforced gypsum can absorb some tensile forces in addition to the paper, which results in a better stability of the ankle. In addition we can do pre formed shapes of gypsum fibreboard and cut any kind of construction board.

Fireboard, Promat, Aquapanel & Powerpanel

We face a strong demand for our precise cutting any kind of construction boards: For fire protection boards like Fireboard of Promat which are used for quick steel beam covering or for cement based construction boards like (Aquapanel or Powerpanel).

What we can produce

Type of finish

We deliver your pre-formed drywall shapes as you need them:
not glued, glued of with adhesive tape.

Not glued pre formed drywall shapes

Not glued is the good value option. The boards are milled by us and delivered in a flat state, which saves transport volume and packaging costs. You can install the ankles on the construction site either after applying PU adhesive or without any.

Glued pre formed drywall shapes

For ready to use glued drywall shapes we prime the adhesive surfaces. After a drying period we glue the shapes and let them dry out using individual forms. This is quite some work and increases the transport costs, but in return the drywall shapes fit p+C28:C36recisely and are ready to install.

With adhesive tape

Using adhesive tape is our latest development. This method combines the advantages of the not glued shapes (easy packaging, little transport volume) with the advantages of the glued shape (ready to install). The adhesive surfaces of the milled shapes are primed and one of the surfaces is equipped with a double sided adhesive tape. The drywall shapes are delivered flat and before installation the cover of the adhesive tape is removed and the adhesive surfaces are pressed togehter. The shape is ready to be installed.


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