The advantages of pre-formed drywall shapes

The advantages of pre-formed drywall shapes are obvious:

Clean corners

the pre-formed drywall shapes enable to install a clean and presice corner. Corners which are rarely strained, e.g. ceilings or reveals, do need a corner protection and thus two times spackling.

Additional benefit: A clean corner! You customer/architect will be thrilled!

Low costs

We did the maths with our customers in drywall construction. Example calculation: For a drywall boxing with a lentgh of 2 m and measures of 202020 cm an average sum of 48% of the construction costs can be saved. And the material costs for the pre formed shape are already included. The more running meters of corners or boxings there are the more can be saved using pre formed drywall shapes!

Start now and start to save time and money on your construction site!

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Costs for the running meter?

„The sub-contractor does not understand why we will get less money for the running meters of corner. “

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Save time & money

We come to your construction site and show the sub-contractors how much time and money they can save using pre formed drywall - free of charge for you! Call us!

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„More pre-planning results in more desk work for me. “

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No paperworks!

Easy ordering concept Order directly from the construction site, without paper work in the office!

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Transportation costs?

„Due to the transportation costs pre-formed drywall are not a bargain - unless I need a huge amount.„

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No transportation costs

We, the team of Formteilprofi Ruhr are part of Schlenkhoff Baustoff-Fachhandel. As a professional drywall construction material merchant we have everything what you need on your construction site. We deliever the drywall construction material or you come in to pick them up. That way the preformed drywall shapes reach your construction site at no extra transportation costs.


Call us! We are happy to help.

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